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Many Strong Voices is coordinated jointly by John Crump, GRID-Arendal and Ilan Kelman, UCL (London) and NUPI (Oslo).

John Crump (GRID-Arendal) - Co-Director of MSV

Contact John at john.crump AT grida DOT no

John Crump is Senior Advisor/Climate Change and works for the Polar Centre at GRID-Arendal. He is co-director of the Many Strong Voices programme and leads other projects including developing a forum for environmental NGOs to provide advice to the European Union on its Arctic policy, Indigenous Peoples and the co-management of resources, new environmental governance structures, and other related issues.

John's academic background is in journalism, communications, history and political economy. He has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master's Degree in Canadian Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

He has worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, been Cabinet Communications Advisor in the Yukon Premier’s office, done policy and research for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, and was Government Relations Manager for the Nunavut Planning Commission. He was also Executive Director of the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC) and Executive Secretary of the Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ilan Kelman (UCL, London and NUPI, Oslo) - Co-Director of MSV

Contact Ilan at ilan_kelman AT hotmail DOT com

Ilan Kelman is a Reader in Risk, Resilience and Global Health at University College London (UCL) as well as a research at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). His main research and application work relates to three main areas:

Island sustainability: Creating and maintaining safer and healthier communities on islands and in other isolated areas. See more at http://www.islandvulnerability.org

Disaster diplomacy:  How and why disaster-related activities, including climate change adaptation, do and do not reduce conflict and create peace. See more at http://www.disasterdiplomacy.org

Risk Reduction Education for Disasters (Risk RED) of which he is co-director. See http://www.riskred.org

Christine Germano (Constant Arts Society) - Artistic Director of the Portraits of Resilience project

Contact Christine at 
E-mail:  christinegermano AT yahoo DOT com 
Christine Germano is the founder and director of the Constant Arts Society and the Artistic Director of the Portraits of Resilience project coordinated by Many Strong Voices / GRID Arendal. Germano has collaborated with Indigenous communities since 2000 but is best known for her photojournalism projects that focuses on the voices and images of young people whose futures are influenced by social and environmental issues. The project encourages youth to use photography and writing as a means to express themselves and their community, build self-confidence and empower themselves to be global citizens and mentors. 
The international photojournalism project titled Portraits of Resilience has allowed her to work with indigenous youth to illustrate the personal and ethical effects of climate change on their communities. Since its creation in 2008, the project has occurred in 12 countries (29 communities) and was launched at the National Museum of Denmark during the COP 15 in 2009 and has continued to exhibit internationally. Christine is also a recipient of the John Hobday Awards in Arts Management through the Canada Council of the Arts. In May 2015 Germano was honoured with an Alumni Award from the OCAD University.