Bringing stories of climate resilience from the Arctic to Africa

The message of the Portraits of Resilience Exhibition, which is being hosted by Ethekwini Municipality’s Libraries and Heritage Department, is that people should not be helpless victims of climate change.

The exhibition, which can be viewed at the Durban Natural Science Museum Research Centre, was installed during the Cop17 Conference last year, and will be up until the beginning of April.

It includes pictures of communities affected by climate change, and shows that the youth have a profound sense of place and a strong desire to see their cultures and communities survive and thrive. Regions portrayed in this exhibition are experiencing first-hand effects of rapid climate change.

Portraits of Resilience is led by photographer Christine Germano, who has extensive experience documenting human-environment interactions and mentoring youth on many community art projects. Through this project, the students have written essays, learnt to take photographs and worked hard to show their communities to the outside world.

The exhibition is at 151 K. E.  Masinga Road, and can be viewed from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm. Admission is free.