Governor guides the Hawaiian islands towards energy independence

Hawaii is fortunate to have Governor Abercrombie at the helm guiding the Hawaiian islands towards energy independence.

Opening the 2013 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit which is held jointly with the Islands & Isolated Communities Congress and International OTEC Symposium, the Governor stated "To say this is an exciting and important time in Hawaii's energy future is a gross understatement". His speech was passionate, motivating and delivered with conviction.

Governor Abercrombie stated recently in an interview when speaking about the cost of oil that 'It's more than upsetting; it's an economic hammer that pounds down on the Hawaii anvil'. And this holds true for all other Small Islands Developing States and isolated Arctic communities.

Delegates from across the Asia Pacific turned out in force to hear speakers from many disciplines discuss diverse topics from climate change to clean energy, and from leadership to education and from food security to protection of the commons.

Tomorrow's Keynote Speakers include Ambassador Ronald Jumeau, Ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing States issues from the Republic of the Seychelles. Ambassador Jumeau is being welcomed at a reception hosted by Governor Abercrombie.

By Nicholas B Robson, Director-General - Cayman Institute