Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Glacier + Hunting

My grandfather and my dad go out hunting to the same place each year and they see the same glacier each year, and it is melting and melting. My grandfather told me that the glacier was at least 300-500 feet [90-150 metres] -- this summer there was nothing, nothing! Ten years ago it was very big and he thought it would never melt, but there is nothing left!

— Mary Rose Kilabuk

These days it is harder to go hunting because of climate change. Men cannot go hunting for the family. We need our country food to survive. We can’t just live on store bought food. Elders need country food to be healthy and to live longer. We need our elders to give us knowledge. Men need a purpose in life. Some men love to hunt -- it is like a need to feed their children Inuit food. Without hunting men don’t feel needed as much, I’ve seen it happen. We also need to have seal skin kamiks for men, woman and children. What will we do without hunting?

— Amy Rose Lewis

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