Portraits of Resilience

If the Poles Melt

If global warming makes the poles melt, which causes the sea-level to increase:

If global warming makes the poles melt, which causes the sea-level to increase:

25 cm…
No problem at all, we are used to high tides.

50 cm…
Hmmm, no big problem. We manage that. Well, maybe some of the roads
will be flooded by high tide.

100 cm…
A problem. Some of the roads by the sea may be washed away, but of
course we can make the roads a little higher up. The fishing boats in the
harbour will not be safe for waves from the sea. That’s not good.

150 cm…
That’s beginning to be a bigger problem. For sure some of the roads will be
gone and some of the fields by the sea will be flooded. The sheep and the
reindeers can not eat there because the salt from sea-water will destroy
the grass.

200 cm…
Not easy at all, some of the houses by the sea will have sea-water in their
cellars by high-tide, people cannot use houses. The wells belonging to the
houses will be flooded with salt-water and cannot be used as drinking water.

300 cm…
Very, very big problem… For sure our museum in Varangerbotn cannot be
used, there will be sea-water high up on the walls and a lot of private
houses will have to be evacuated. Many of the roads to Varangerbotn will
be flooded and it will not be possible to drive to our neighboring cities. The
only way to drive is in to the country. Our harbour will be totally destroyed.
What will the fishermen do?

400 cm…
Well, of course, an even bigger problem… Our water supply will be
destroyed by sea-water and we will have to get drinking water from the
small rivers up in the mountain. The plumbing will be flooded. Cannot use
toilets, cannot use washing machines, dishwasher machines… It will all be
so strange… so many things will happen, I really don’t know what we will do.

— Evelyn Nilsen

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