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Bees are not getting enough pollen

Today we visited Mr. John Mussington’s beehives in his back yard. First we looked at the bees’ nests and we noticed that most are not really fi lled with honey. Mr. Mussington said that there is a twist in the weather and in the last two years the bees are not producing honey as they are expected.

We learned that the bees are very smart and friendly at most of the time. He said, and I quote, the bees like to test things and see what they are. Because the bees are not getting enough pollen, they are not making enough honey to feed themselves, so they may die. In Barbuda the rain also falls for six months and weather is very dry for six more months.
The queen bee is very smart and she is like the owner of all the bees. The queen sends out some of the bees to look for a good place to nest and to look for pollen. Almost all of the bees go out in the morning and look for pollen to make honey. If they are not successful they starve or could even attack another hive.

One other thing I realized is that the honey Mr. Mussington has is very different from the kind that you’d buy in the store. The honey is very good and it’s my fi rst time just eating it straight from a bee hive. I’m telling you it’s nature’s candy and it has a taste that I never tasted before. It’s just wonderful and I think that we should buy honey from locals rather than buy it from the store.

— Joshua Beazer

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