Portraits of Resilience


My Homeland Forever
Tuvalu consists of eight islands and many islets. Close to the capital of Funafuti there was one very special place, where people used to play and have fun and just relax under the sun. Its name is Tepukasavilivili.
Migration and Loss of Culture
Tuvalu is made up of eight islands in the Pacific. You need a ship to travel from one island to another. The Tuvaluans have their own way of culture. They build traditional community buildings called ‘Maneapa’. The Tuvaluans have their own traditional clothes and dances to perform for people.
Only God Knows the Future
Tuvalu is small and almost cannot be seen on the map. It has beautiful Islands full of trees and has a big lagoon.
Climate Change in Tuvalu
Earth – the planet of enchanting blue skies, earth with bustling life and pristine waters – every single thing on this planet is like a treasure that cannot be replaced. However, we humans are clearly oblivious to that fact.